Marek Saenderski

photo-composer, photographer, painter, sculptor, traveler, and writer.
Polish author of the world's first three-dimensional album containing not only stereo-photos, but also photo-compositions inspired by surrealist art and landscapes from the author’s numerous photographic expeditions (including Greenland, Iceland as well as Slovak and Austrian rock and ice caves).

Marek Saenderski's favorite painters are:  first of all Rene Magritte, Paul Delvaux and Salvador Dali.  In many 3D-Images of Marek Saenderski it is easy to see their spirit floating in theree dimensions.

In 2011, the effects Marek Saenderski's five years’ work were presented to an international audience at the Congress of the largest organization of 3D enthusiasts from around the world: the International Stereoscopic Union. The Congress was held in Egmond aan Zee in the Netherlands.
Mark Saenderski presented a three-dimensional movie Naked Beauty, which was the longest and most technically advanced presentation during the congress, based on the themes of 130 photo-compositions from the Saenderski 3D World album.

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Ordering a printed album Saenderski 3D World one should not forget  about the work's contribution to this unique, three-dimensional publication. Each of the 3D Images of Marek Saenderski is a few to several tens of hours of work - including not only 3D-photography and computer  graphics, but also if the photo-composition required material objects were created: artistic form of painting on canvas, as well as sculptures of plaster, aluminum or even canvas stiffened by starch.
The Saenderski 3D World album is the best gift for your brother, a friend, a boss, an uncle... better not give it to your grandfather, It's rising blood pressure.