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2016-11-21 The dancer in amethyst glow.

Collection of three large format  3D-images.
One of the images from this series was already presented at the exhibition in the Palace of Arts in Cracow as well as the world's largest exhibition of large format 3D photography in Berlin in the spring of 2015 year. All collection is now presented to be sold for art collectors as an unique example of modern 3D-art.

2015-12-01 Kalina - beautifull dancer

This was unusual photo session with the polish dancer Kalina full of grace and spectacular beauty. I dream to organize 3D-exhibition based only on her photographs. I designed the unique algorithms to present images from this series in sepia tint - typically associated with the period of the birth of photography. I hope You will enjoy the effect of my work.
You can also order and buy large format images from this series.

2015-08-19 Dried bottom of the river

This is what farmers complain about - the drought and water shortage in rivers, but the photographer does not have reason to complain - the exposed bottom of the largest Polish Vistula river, full of rocks and branches of trees torn by the river, created a spectacular backdrop for a photo shoot.
In front of the 3D-camera lenses - Marta.

2015-07-15 Golden Sunset

It was not long session - sun inevitably was falling down but before its disappearance offered wonderful golden light. In the role of the Warsaw Mermaid tortured by lack of space for swimming - glamor model Monika from Warsaw.

2015-07-10 Wild beach by the Vistula

I love the natural scenography created by the queen of Polish rivers - the Vistula River.
Abandoned trees modeled by water and wind create shapes of modern sculpture installations.
It is a great pleasure to photograph beautiful girl in just such a scenery.
In front of the lenses of 3D-camera: photomodel Dalia.

2014-09-15 Light in the dark


2014-03-19 Acrobat

Elżbieta Łojszczyk
One of the most talented artists which I met.

2014-02-15 Dancer

The superiority of ballet over opera...

2014-01-05 Gold and Silver

Next day I spend three hours on my knees wiping the floor of this conference room and deleting gold and silver specks.
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