Glasses 3D 1. Put on your 3D glasses
2. Click the function key F11 (Full Screen)
3. Click on the icon of the selected 3D image
4. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to change images
5. Artistic Unreality - Artistic 3D-compositions
6. Artistic Reality - Portraits, Fashion, Artistic Nudes
7. Reality beyond horizon - My travels in 3D
8. 3D-News: my latest 3D photos, info about exhibitions
9. To exit full screen mode, press F11 again
Looking for the perfect gift for a friend, brother, uncle, or the main character of the bachelor party? Or maybe You are a collector of unusual books... thus You have already found - three- dimensional album with included prismatic stereoscope Lite 3D Viewer. The album is in four languages: Japanese, English, German and Polish

Artistic Compositions 3D

These projects are primarily designed to apply on large-scale plates in the form of collectable prints - 1 signed copy of each project.
 Many of them, from 20 April to 30 of June 2015 were presented at exhibition in ART Place Berlin gallery in the center of german capital. More then 60 thousands of visitors from various countries have seen the exhibition.

Anti prudish art in 3D

By 24,000 years (from the time when famous statue of Venus from Willendorf was created), a lot has changed ...
but one thing has not changed - the beauty of the body is still an inspiration for artists ...


Series: non-existent flowers

These flowers do not exist anymore - overblown many months ago.
However, their three-dimensional ghosts will now come alive in the eyes of viewers who visit my website gallery and exhibitions ...

Abstractions not quite abstract ...

Only after applying on large areas of printed plates shown at exhibition in gallery these 3D projects start to affect viewers by hidden depth. They look interesting as a colorful composition viewed without 3D glasses, but when the glasses are wear on, you can guess the details of organic and inorganic forms used to create this artistic unreality.

Sample images from the album 3D unique in the world.

Published in 2010, the album Saenderski 3D World is the result of over five years of work.
This is the album of artistic nudes presented in the style of fantastic realism and surrealism. In the album more than 200 photo-compositions and 3D photos.
There are in it, among other things works inspired by the paintings of Paul Delvaux and René Magritte.
For 3D compositions in the album posed over 60 beautiful Polish photomodels !!!
Three-dimensional images and photos in the album should be viewed through a special, attached to the album stereoscope with prismatic lenses. Thanks to it 3D image retains the natural colors not distorted by the red and blue filters as it happens in this online gallery.
So this is a unique publication in the world, and thats why you should have it.
After the publication appeared several reviews of the album in the trade press distributed in many countries (Stereoscopy, Stereo World).
In 2011, in the Netherlands during the large congress of International Stereoscopic Union - a three-dimensional movie-presentation of 3D images from the album in the form of an music illustrated show  was awarded by the prestigious diploma.

Not serious masterpieces of 3D art

Pictures created "just for fun".
Although labor-intensive - they rather will never get on any of exhibition...
but on the Internet you can give them a moment from life ...
especially to have an excuse for postponing other important activities.
Saenderski 3D Album Saenderski 3D Album Saenderski 3D Album